Winners are made-not born!
title: Winners are made-not born!
description: Another successful Noosa Triathlon with some 12000 competitors has just taken place and what a great event it was!

Winners are made - not born!

Another successful Noosa Triathlon with some 12000 competitors has just taken place and what a great event it was! The weather was perfect and the atmosphere incredible. Not only does the Noosa Tri serve to prove how little ol’ Noosa punches above its weight in terms of putting on world class events and highlighting to everyone what a great place we live in, but great athletic events such as The Noosa Tri also remind us of the tremendous character and determination of every single participant. As I watched at the finish line, the sheer determination on each and every competitor’s face was an inspiration and provided pure joy. It didn’t matter what place they finished or what time they recorded, what mattered was that they were there; demonstrating a grit and steely focus, along with stellar endurance that can only be described as winning!


There were body shapes of all types, large, small and everything in between; there were young and old and I even saw a duo on a Tandem cycle competing in the team event where the rear rider was blind.  This inspirational display reminded me that winners are not born: they are made. They are made through pure desire to make a mark; to stand out from the crowd and by applying oneself to a lofty goal. Winners are fashioned through hard work and determination, through passion and a relentless pursuit to overcome obstacles of every kind.


R&W Noosa salute every single person that participated in this year’s Noosa Triathlon-they are all winners!

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