Steps to Buying a Property in Noosa
title: Steps to Buying a Property in Noosa
description: Buying a property in Noosa is easy; you just need to be ready, willing and able. The following steps are sure to help.

Steps to Buying a Property in Noosa

Buying a property in Noosa is easy; you just need to be ready, willing and able. The following steps are sure to help.

Decide what you want or need

First of all, you will need to decide what kind of property it is that you are looking for. Is it somewhere you are going to live, or are you buying it as an investment property to rent out? Whatever it is going to be used for, make sure you know exactly what you are looking for, otherwise you will be wasting a lot of people’s time.


Get your money together

Buying property isn’t cheap, so hopefully you have been saving for a while to make this big investment. Now that you know what you are after it will be easier to establish roughly how much money you will need, so before you go off talking up a storm to Noosa real estate agents, get the money to back it up.

Go for a visit

Once you know what it is that you are looking for, you are going to need to do a trip up to Noosa to check things out first hand. If your property is going to be some kind of hostel or a B&B, check out the competition already up and running, and if it will be a rental, have a walk around a few different areas to get a feel for which are the best parts of town. If the property is going to be for you, your visit to Noosa should be as lengthy as you can make it, as you will want to get as good a feel for the area as possible before you decide on a place.

Noosa real estate comprises a few quite distinct little areas, and the longer your visit, the easier it will be to tell where you feel like you will best fit in. Finally, while you are up here, check out the local real estate agents, and ideally, get some local help for securing a place. Having a local real estate agent or buyer’s agent hunting down local leads for you will mean that you don’t have to take care of everything yourself.

Narrow it down

You will no doubt have a few leads coming in from either your real estate agent in Noosa or your own research, so try and establish a consistent way to judge possible properties and immediately discard those that don’t fit your criteria. Once you have it narrowed down to a few, you are almost ready to make the big decision

Visit again

You are going to have to go back up to make your final choice in person, as regardless of whether or not you are going to be living there yourself, for the sake of your investment you will want it to be awesome. So head back up for another look.

Buy it

Once you have had your final look at your options you will need to either pick one or decide to keep looking. If you pick one, congratulations! If not, be patient, continue looking, and something is bound to turn up. If one thing is sure, it is that Noosa has little gems hidden everywhere.


Great Experience - Amanda is a friendly, competent, knowledgeable and passionate agent. She knew the property inside and out and went the extra mile (which included late nights and a lot of weekend work) to get the transaction done. I am certainly glad I used her and would recommend anyone who wants transparency and a high level of professionalism to do the same.