Starlight Children’s Foundation
title: Starlight Children’s Foundation
description: Richardson & Wrench and Starlight enjoy a comprehensive partnership that covers many different fundraising activities and levels of engagement.

Starlight Children’s Foundation

The story so far 

Richardson & Wrench and Starlight enjoy a comprehensive partnership that covers many different fundraising activities and levels of engagement. What is really special about this partnership is this multi-tiered arrangement has grown organically from a personal connection one individual agent has with Starlight, to one agency throwing their support behind Starlight, to one regional group of agencies, to a broad and diverse engagement that extends throughout the Richardson & Wrench network across New South Wales and Queensland, with the number of agencies becoming involved growing each year.

What does the partnership involve?

Richardson & Wrench engage with Starlight on a number of levels, from merchandise sales by real estate outlets around Starlight Day, a regional and database focussed promotional campaign each Spring where a donation is paid to Starlight for each property sold by participating agents, fundraising participating in team fundraising in the lead up to the Blackmores Running Festivals in Sydney and Brisbane, supporting Starlight initiatives through active promotion by network agencies, being regular attendees at Five Chefs dinners, group familiarisation visits to the various Starlight Express Rooms in NSW and Queensland and also personal commitment by some R&W staff to volunteering at Starlight events and in the Starlight Express Rooms.

What makes the partnership unique? 

The Richardson & Wrench Spring Campaign is the most rewarding element to our partnership. This is a regional and database focussed promotional activity where each agency agrees to donate a specified amount per property sold throughout Spring each year. What is unique about this is it allows each agency and indeed the individual agents  within each agency to set the amount they want to donate at the beginning of the period so each agency is comfortable about the donation they make and even those with  smaller results can feel a part of something much bigger.

Objectives of the partnership:

>To support a wonderful charity in their efforts to provide support and hope to sick children and their families;

>To unite R&W agencies through involvement with a highly valued community based organisation;

>To foster community spirit and to assist the engagement of R&W employees with their communities.

What makes the partnership with Starlight worthwhile for Richardson & Wrench?

Over the time of this partnership, R&W have been responsible for donating $262,000 which has allowed Starlight to improve the experience of hospitalisation for 6,750 children. This means a great deal to all of the children and their families who have had to deal with so much during their time in care and during treatment. To be a small part of the support process for these children during these difficult times means so much to everyone at Richardson & Wrench.


Brad was knowledgeable about current market values in our area. He was always quick to respond to any questions/concerns we may have had and was always punctual. We would highly recommend Brad to anyone wishing to buy/sell property.
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