Richardson & Wrench Noosa Looks To The Next 150 Years
title: Richardson & Wrench Noosa Looks To The Next 150 Years
description: Richardson & Wrench Noosa Real Estate principals Peter Butt and Jennifer Carr may not look over 150 years old, but that is how old the company they represent is.

Richardson & Wrench Noosa Looks To The Next 150 Years

Richardson & Wrench Noosa Real Estate principals Peter Butt and Jennifer Carr may not look over 150 years old, but that is how old the company they represent is.  The family owned real estate agency business, which now comprises approximately 120 agencies Australia wide, was first founded in 1858 in Sydney by Robert Richardson and Edward Wrench and was the first agency in the nation.

Fast forward to 2010 and Peter and Jennifer have enjoyed the reputation of Richardson & Wrench Noosa being one of the most successful and prestigious agencies in the nation for nearly 20 years.

In December 2010 Richardson & Wrench Noosa  will receive a new and extensive ‘face lift’ with an updated brand (R&W), a new company positioning statement ‘the best reputation in real estate’, a newly renovated office for its 36 staff and  new technology and marketing strategies designed to connect buyers and sellers more quickly. Access to national R&W databases and social media platforms for marketing will be available at the touch of a button.  The end result will be an enhanced quality of service for buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants.

The man responsible for R&W’s new national image, Reg Bryson from Sydney based strategic marketing consultancy, Brand Council, said that R&W’s unrivalled history and unblemished record during 150 years of business was what positioned R&W favourably in amongst the myriad of real estate agencies Australia wide.

“There are very few companies that can lay claim to 150 plus years in business and even fewer that can boast an untarnished reputation, particularly in a business like real estate, he said.

“Our research concluded that R&W’s longevity was based on a code of professional ethics established by the very first R&W agency in 1858 yet one that was still understood and adhered to by each of the franchisees today.

“Ethics training for staff, a customer charter and good, old fashioned, honest service is all part of R&W’s culture and what will no doubt see them doing business for another 150 years,” Reg said.

As franchisees and principals of R&W Noosa, Peter Butt and Jennifer Carr’s decision to invest time and money into their ‘new’ office at a time when many businesses are consolidating, was straightforward.

“Noosa has been very good to us for the past 20 years, Peter said.

“Whilst undoubtedly the past 12 months have been somewhat challenging for the property market in general, we have utmost confidence in the Noosa market and are excited about our agency’s forthcoming January 2011 in-rooms auctions where we have some incredible properties on offer.

“This combined with the largest holiday property letting business in Noosa and the professionalism of our staff will see us in good stead for the future,” Peter said.

Jennifer added that the agency’s new look would reinforce R&W’s commitment to its clients amidst a highly competitive marketplace.

“As the success of R&W over the last 150 plus years has demonstrated, the secret to long term success in real estate is to understand that real estate is much more than about property, it is about people, communities, trust and respect,” she said.

Peter stated that whilst the reputation of R&W and its clients and staff would always be paramount, the strength and value of the Noosa name was one of the agency’s most valuable assets.

“Noosa is a universally attractive location with a lifestyle that people aspire to,” he said.

“Although properties here range from affordable homes right through to multi-million dollar mansions, our national parks, waterways and beaches are all free to access.

“This is what makes Noosa priceless and why we intend to be living and doing business here for at least another 20 years,” he said.


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