The Benefits of Purchasing Property in Noosa
title: The Benefits of Purchasing Property in Noosa
description: A popular holiday destination amongst the avid tourist, the beautiful Noosa region is bustling at all times of the year, providing great real estate opportunities for both home buyers and investors.

The Benefits of Purchasing Property in Noosa

A popular holiday destination amongst the avid tourist, the beautiful Noosa region is bustling at all times of the year, providing great real estate opportunities for both home buyers and investors.

Here are a few reasons why purchasing a property in Noosa makes perfect sense!

Convenient location with close proximity to Brisbane

Noosa offers all major amenities in the one location, with easy access to shopping, beaches, entertainment, work and much more. Getting to Brisbane from Noosa is just over an hour’s drive on the M1 which means the best of both inner city facilities and beach living could be right at your door.

Being in close proximity to a major city centre is important when considering property in Noosa, especially for people that are older or with families. Convenient access to these facilities in one place creates an overall attractive place to live.


Year round holiday destination

In Noosa, temperatures average above 20 degrees celsius daily, creating perfect holiday weather all year round. With that said, Noosa has always been a popular holiday destination so purchasing a property on the Sunshine Coast provides a great opportunity to make a small fortune. Through leasing the property to people looking for a short stay, you can expect to gain profits throughout the year. It also eliminates the process of having to pay for expensive holiday accommodation when you decide to visit Noosa. You can then reserve the home for certain times of the year, including peak months to spend your holidays in this beautiful location.


An eventful calendar brings thousands of people from around the world

Throughout the year, Noosa hosts a colourful calendar filled with an abundance of cultural, community and sporting events to keep anyone entertained! Ranging from markets, concert, fairs and so much more, there is always something to look forward to. Coming up in June is the International Rally of Queensland that runs for 3 days between the 20th -22nd and brings to Noosa world-class rally action. This event brings thousands of people across the globe together in one location. Opportunities for renting out property are higher and in demand during busy seasons and could easily see your property occupied easily during these months.


Fund your dream retirement home


Make money from your investment property through leasing your property until you decide to retire and move there. It’s the perfect solution, giving you great peace of mind knowing that you have your ideal retirement location already secure whilst also funding your retirement in the meantime. 

An investment property in Noosa could see endless benefits. To find out more Contact R&W Noosa today


It’s important to note that Kym did not ask us for a testimonial, but that we offered one due to our satisfaction with her as the salesperson of our home of 20 years. From the very first time we met Kym, who’d been referred by a friend, we felt comfortable and confident. She presented more as a ‘friend’ than as our agent, and her genuine enthusiasm for our property equaled ours. Naturally we also met with other Noosa agents, who we had no concerns with, however it was Kym’s friendliness, openness and honesty that encouraged us to choose her as our selling agent. Kym was very easy to communicate with throughout the whole process, efficiently and promptly responding to all our calls and messages. She guided us, but didn’t push, and respected our ideas and suggestions toward marketing and other relevant factors. We felt like we were a team and appreciated being kept updated as Kym worked with the potential buyers, including the end purchaser (whom I know is just as impressed with Kym as we are). Even without the great price that we achieved over such a short time frame, we’d still be recommending Kym for her professionalism and personalisation.
Jacqui & Charlie