Business Ideas for Beach Side Communities
title: Business Ideas for Beach Side Communities
description: When you live in a beach-side community such as Noosa, there are plenty of unique options for you if you are looking to start a new business.

Business Ideas for Beach Side Communities

When you live in a beach-side community such as Noosa, there are plenty of unique options for you if you are looking to start a new business. Regions that have a lot of tourist activity require specialised services to cater to all the needs of people on a holiday, meaning there are tonnes of niche markets that you can tap into. Remember that when you choose your business plan, you want to make sure you have all the resources you need for the busy summer rush, and that financially you can make it through the winter lulls. Here are a few ideas of services you can provide in a busy beach-side community.

Surf Shop

Places like Noosa are well-known in Australia for their great surf beaches. People coming from the city or from other countries may want to catch a few waves while they are visiting, but are unlikely to have all the necessary equipment. Beach-side surf shops that provide rentals as well as lessons will be a hot spot for tourists both in the summer and winter months.


In popular beach communities, accommodation for tourists is extremely important, making the hospitality industry a great option for a new business. Before you start checking the prices of real estate on the Sunshine Coast, have a good look at what type of accommodation is already available and possibly look into becoming an On-Site Manager. Getting into the hospitality industry is also a great long-term investment for you especially in communities such as Noosa. Real estate property value in coastal communities is expected to increase a lot in the near future, so you’d better get in while you can.

Fishing Tours

If you own a boat, why not turn it into your office? Noosa is a fishing hot spot, and this is one of the things city people often want to do while on vacation. Offer your services to take people out to the reef, and people will love the chance to have a local guide who can take them to all the good spots!


It is common in coastal communities to have homes that are unoccupied during the winter months. Many people from the city own summer homes and often aren’t there to take care of the place, causing them to have major security fears. As an accredited house-sitter, you will have no shortage of business in places like Noosa, and running the business will cost you next to nothing. All you need is a good website, some references and your own transportation.

Café or Restaurant

In busy coastal communities, you can never have too many cafes or restaurants. People who come from all over definitely want to indulge in the food experience, so it’s up to the locals to provide. Make sure your culinary specialties are different from those already on offer, as you will have a lot of competition in this business. Having different menus for the summer and winter will also ensure that people get what they crave.

Whatever beach community you live in, there are lots of options as far as types of businesses that will do well. Just make sure you provide a unique experience for people and your business is sure to thrive.


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