R&W Noosa: Impressive History-Healthy Legacy
title: R&W Noosa: Impressive History-Healthy Legacy
description: Richardson & Wrench (R&W) have a very rich history and it makes for some great reading – even for those not interested in the real estate industry.
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R&W Noosa: Impressive History-Healthy Legacy

Richardson & Wrench (R&W) have a very rich history and it makes for some great reading – even for those not interested in the real estate industry.  The company was started in 1858 by a couple of young friends from England in their early twenties who had a determined pioneering spirit who, immediately upon landing  in Sydney, rolled up their sleeves and because of their work ethic and entrepreneurial-ism, fashioned a great company that continues to this day.

Robert Richardson and his partner Edward Wrench together with their ‘merry band’ that included one John Little, achieved some fascinating sales in those early years. In 1860 the salvage rights to a load of coal lying in a sunken ship at the bottom of Sydney Harbour was sold for an undisclosed price. A small cottage in Castlereagh Street Sydney fetched £1,500. In 1862, 30 acres of bushland fetched £1,005 at auction; the yacht 'eclipse' fell under the hammer for £40 and a dinghy with paddles for £5.  They even sold a flock of pure Alpacas and Llamas imported from Bolivia, for an unrecorded sum. However Real Estate sales by auction soon became the firm's speciality and it was not long before Richardson & Wrench monopolised Sydney's Real Estate auction market.

1885 was the year that the Government telephone service allocated phone No.1 to Richardson & Wrench: a prestigious honour and perhaps a symbolic occasion given the decades of success that have ensued.

Richardson & Wrench Noosa, established in 1983, known also these days as R&W Noosa has continued this fine legacy with unequalled real estate sales in the Noosa shire year after year.  In fact every sales record that can be held has been held by R&W Noosa and we continue to smash sales records. Like our founding company all those many years ago, real estate sales by the auction process has  been R&W Noosa’s specialty and this strategy has not let our clients down, positioning their Noosa properties in a spotlight that showcases their features for all buyers to see, achieving conclusive results.

This Easter R&W Noosa are having another major auction campaign at The Sheraton Noosa on Hastings Street. Our last auction event in January was a resounding success with 17 properties being offered and the grand ballroom venue having standing room only.  Peter Butt & Jennifer Carr are the proud principals of the company and Peter says; “Our auctions smoke out buyers and cause them to take action over and above every other form of sale, resulting in better prices in a quicker fashion!”If you would like to showcase your property at our Easter event, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our fantastic team members.


We have interviewed many agents before making a decision to sell our home but have found Greg to be most accommodating to our needs with extended knowledge of our area. During the sale process we were fully informed about the feedback from potential buyers and Greg was able to sell our home for a great price with a minimal amount of fuss. A job well done.