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Finding the Right agent

A major asset of R&W Noosa and benefit to clients is our national database of prospective purchasers. This database includes all past purchasers and buyer enquiries from previously marketed properties plus details of holiday guests from over 260 of Noosa’s prime rental properties, a ‘significant asset’ provided to our exclusive sellers. Being part of a National franchise is also a major point of difference from our local Noosa competitors. This is a significant source of referrals especially from NSW.

When it comes time to think about selling, most people want to sell quickly, with as little stress as possible and for the highest possible price. Suddenly every person you speak to is an expert! You can be inundated with information, ideas and opinions. Perhaps we can help untangle the problem and suggest you analyse just what it takes to meet your needs.

You will need to consider:

  • The right agent with the necessary experience and a dedication to give you the best level of service
  • The method of marketing that presents you with an optimum price.
  • Presenting your property at its unblemished best.
  • Having documents ready for Buyers to sign.

The Right Agent

It is our firm belief any real estate agency is capable of selling a property – the point of difference between a ‘sale’ and an outstanding result is in the capability, integrity and level of commitment of the key personnel handling the sale on your behalf.

Building marketplace desire, handling enquiries, deciding the most suitable marketing strategy and negotiations can appear subtle or unimportant in method variations, but produce enormous result variations. Integrity is vital to the way we see ourselves. We deal with all of our clients honestly and are in business for the long term.

R&W Noosa has without question emerged as the most proactive and innovative marketers of major appointments over the past 5 years. The reason behind our success is largely due to the calibre of personnel we have brought together, combined with our philosophical belief that the dedicated efforts of a professional team consistently produces superior results.

Both sellers and buyers are provided with top-shelf service. Our use of technology enables us to contact our customers quickly and efficiently, with a follow-up second to none. Our team is both educated and experienced. We have a full time Information Technology manager who constantly updates our website and databases. The creative writing in our marketing is underpinned by a degree in journalism. Our director has marketing majors in both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. It gives us a strong advantage.

You can rely on the following:

  • Innovative and professional marketing. No other local agent can infiltrate the Australian market equivalent to our company.
  • A combined team of dedicated personnel who specialise in bringing a team approach to selling a property. You will have our enthusiasm, loyalty and genuine interest.
  • A busy, attractive Hastings Street office. Every buyer who comes to Noosa comes to Hastings Street and looks at the window displays. Our office is in the prime position, opposite the Noosa Pacific Resort with a pedestrian crossing in the street walks straight into our front door.
  • Results that speak for themselves – record prices in Hastings Street, Sunshine Beach, Noosa Sound. Indeed the highest price for a residential property in Queensland! This is testament to our negotiation skills.

You might want to go to a few Open for Inspections to evaluate the style of the agent for yourself and also to see what you think your property is worth compared with others on the market. Pick an agent you trust. Meet the principal and find if he or she has the reputation, the style and the facilities to achieve the right price for you. Your property deserves the right price, so choose an agent who can achieve that for you.