Choosing Noosa for Your Sea Change
title: Choosing Noosa for Your Sea Change
description: When life in the city starts getting tiresome and you are ready to start a new, more peaceful life by the sea, why not consider the beautiful region of Noosa on the Sunshine Coast?

Choosing Noosa for Your Sea Change

When life in the city starts getting tiresome and you are ready to start a new, more peaceful life by the sea, why not consider the beautiful region of Noosa on the Sunshine Coast? Making a change this big can sometimes be stressful for people. Noosa, however, has a great reputation for being a very open and friendly community and isn’t as glam and expensive as other coastal localities. Here you will really be able to unwind and start to find the joy in life again. Here are a few reasons why you should consider Noosa for your sea change.

Good Investment

If you are planning on retiring soon and want to buy property that will get you a good return, consider Noosa real estate. Sunshine coast properties are in demand at the moment due to all the growth and development that is currently going on in the area. The suburbs around Noosa are also popular holiday destinations for many Australians, so you can easily rent your house when you are not there and make a little extra money. The Noosa real estate “hot spots” at the moment are the suburbs of Noosa Heads,Noosaville, Castaways Beach, Sunshine Beach, Doonan and Peregian Beach. Given the income you will get on your piece of Noosa real estate, you shouldn’t have to downsize your home like you would in other beach-side communities. This means you can have a bigger home and invite all your children and grand children to come stay with you during the holidays!


For the retirees, there other things you have to consider before moving out of the city and into a smaller community. If you are looking to spend the rest of your days by the ocean, you will want to make sure your new community provides all the necessary health care. Noosa is far from being a big city, but you will still find all the facilities you need nearby, especially in an emergency. The hospital in here provides services for the whole Noosa area and, if you need more specialised care, the city of Brisbane is not far away. If you only require the odd check-up, the community health centre in Noosa Heads will have you in and out and back on the beach in no time!

Sports and Leisure

Giving up the big city life for a quiet one by the sea doesn’t mean you will be pressed for things to do. There are heaps of sporting and leisure activities around Noosa, and plenty of great locals to get to know. Noosa boasts a great variety of golf courses, fishing areas, swimming pools, gyms, surfing spots, art galleries and shopping destinations. There is something here for everyone; life in the slow lane doesn’t have to be boring.


It’s called the Sunshine Coast for a reason! Besides the beautiful white sandy beaches, relaxing atmosphere and stunning National Parks nearby, you will love the weather in Noosa. This region is popular for its mild winters and summers that aren’t excessively hot, and you will never be without the sun. Average maximum temperatures rarely dip below 20°C or go above 30°C, and the temperature of the water stays fairly consistent all year-round.

Noosa is a great place to go when you need to get away from the stress and demands of the city. When making your sea change, you are sure to enjoy a peaceful existence in this lovely ocean-front community.


An enormous thank you goes to you from me. You have been absolutely fantastic to both John and I and have made our first purchase stress free and exciting. You gave your time freely listening to what we said and answered questions we asked, both honestly and professionally – for these things I thank you so very much. We will be in touch in the very near future and would love to take you out to dinner to celebrate our purchase in your beautiful part of the world. May there be many many more.
Paula and John