Famous Architects and Their Influence On Noosa
title: Famous Architects and Their Influence On Noosa
description: Noosa is a place of stunning natural beauty as well as modern design and innovation, and this is most apparent when looking at the architecture of the area.
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Famous Architects and Their Influence On Noosa

Noosa is a place of stunning natural beauty as well as modern design and innovation, and this is most apparent when looking at the architecture of the area. Known for its focus on the natural environment and sustainability, Noosa has been blessed by the influence of a number of extremely talented architects, making Noosa real estate the envy of all of Queensland. Real estate on the Sunshine Coast has always been quite nature focused, though the following architects and architectural firms have had a particularly amazing and positive influence on the design and feel of Noosa.

Bark Design Architects

This talented firm was responsible for the incredibly designed Noosa Tourist Information Centre for which they won the 2009 Queensland Building Design Award. The design of the Information Centre is focused primarily on highlighting the natural beauty of the area, and while the material of choice is definitely glass, it has a very organic feel to it. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, this incredible building makes use of natural lighting and temperature control, and has set the standard for design and development in Noosa and the surrounding area. One of Bark’s most recent Noosa projects was the impressive Noosa Junction Transit Hub, which proved an incredible combination of beauty and practicality.


Gabriel Poole

Based in Noosa, in 1998 this amazing talent received the Gold medal from the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, recognising a lifetime of work as a phenomenal architect. Gabriel specialises in low cost, environmentally friendly and efficient housing, making him quite a pioneer indeed; his work enabling people who aren’t rich to live in sustainable homes. He focuses on suiting a house to its natural environment, keeping the use of outside resources minimal. The winner of numerous awards for his innovative 1991 ‘Tent House’ in Noosa, Poole has had a lasting impact on the region through his thoughtful designs and the issues of the environment and sustainability that they raise. Poole’s work can be summed up by his quote “I would hope that my buildings give visual pleasure to those that see them and spiritual pleasure to those that dwell in them.”

WD Architects

Led by Andrew Webb and Christopher Duffy, WD Architects are the people behind the Noosa Pengari Steiner School Performance Hall, for which they were awarded the 2011 Golden Glossy award. Another of those in Noosa concerned with the environment, WD Architects have shown that sustainability doesn’t have to mean expensive, and consistently show that it is possible to combine beauty, aesthetics, practicality and concern for the environment. Energy efficiency is also central to their work and this can be seen not just in Noosa but throughout the Sunshine Coast and beyond. Their work on the historic Mill Point cemetery interpretative display is another example of their high quality work, where these talented architects have combined simplicity and beauty yet again.

It’s hard to say what keeps drawing talented architects to this area, maybe it’s the natural beauty, but whatever it is, Noosa really has been blessed by the influence of some of the country’s finest artists.


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