Packing For Your Noosa Holiday
title: Packing For Your Noosa Holiday
description: Going on a holiday to Noosa is pretty much a guaranteed good time, regardless of what time of year you come, but like most holidays, it will be far better if you have everything you need.

Packing For Your Noosa Holiday

Going on a holiday to Noosa is pretty much a guaranteed good time, regardless of what time of year you come, but like most holidays, it will be far better if you have everything you need. The following is a brief discussion of what to bring with you on your Noosa holiday.

Don’t leave your camera at home

If you only remember to pack one thing for your Noosa holiday, make sure it’s your camera, because there are few things in Australia as gorgeous as Sunshine Coast real estate. The sunrises and sunsets here are spectacular, and you’ll want to have a few photos to help capture the memory of being in such a beautiful and friendly place. Whether you learn to surf, hit up the wine festival or look for dolphins and whales, you are guaranteed to see some stunning sights in Noosa, and you’ll want to have your camera handy.


Flexible footwear for all those Noosa activities

There is a huge amount of options when it comes to things to do in Noosa, so make sure you have the footwear to be able to do it all. You’ll need to pack decent hiking shoes for hitting the trails in the National Parks, flip flops or sandals for down at the beach or lazing around your Noosa property, and don’t forget some decent shoes for enjoying the fine dining and hitting the dance floors.

Sun protection

Noosa is an absolute paradise when it comes to outdoor activities, so make sure you are bringing plenty of ways to protect yourself from the sun. Apart from a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses, don’t forget to cover up as much as you can, because there really is no such thing as a healthy tan, and no better way to ruin a holiday than with a nasty burn.

Favourite toys

You can rent or buy anything you need in Noosa, from toys to fishing tackle, but if you already have some sweet gear at home, make sure you bring as much of it as you can. If you are driving to Noosa, it can be worth bringing everything from snorkelling gear to surfboards, but if you are flying or have limited space, at least include a few favourite books or some of those smaller toys.

Beach gear

Chances are good that you are going to want to spend the majority of your Noosa holiday on the beach, so make sure you have everything you might want or need to have with you on the sand. Your towel, costume and favourite books will all be essential, as well as any portable music device you may want, to keep you entertained and grooving out while you are there.

Musical instruments

In the summer months it isn’t uncommon to have people gather in the evenings to play music on the beach, so if you have a musical talent consider bringing that instrument of yours along as well.

If you do end up forgetting to bring something with you to Noosa for your holiday, don’t worry, because whether you have forgotten your swimming costume or your heart medication, you should be able to find anything you want or need here on the Sunshine Coast.


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