A feel good story
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A feel good story

Every seller wants a quick sale
(actually every agent loves one too!) Here is a great story that’s just that.

Earlier in January I received an email enquiry on one of the units I was marketing.  After a couple of phone calls, I understood this particular couple required an investment unit with a courtyard within walking distance to Noosa Main Beach and at a particular budget. When they arrived in town from Victoria I met them and showed them a few properties. After meeting and getting to know them I believed I knew the right complex for them to buy into but they needed an extra bedroom and I didn’t have that on offer. So I asked an owner from a larger unit in the same complex if he’d sell.  I had coincidentally met this owner a few weeks before and we talked about the possibility of his property coming to the market. He had been thinking about just that as it happened.   I showed the buyers his apartment and it was perfect for them.  In no time at all we were sitting on the couch talking about their future plans.   A second viewing was organized for the Sunday before lunch and by Monday morning at 9am, the signed contracts were given to them to take back on the plane – all sold and everyone happy…..

What this shows is that if we can often match the buyer to the right property.  It’s all about communication. The sellers communication with me as an agent…. and my skill of communication with the buyer to know exactly what they are looking for……The aim is to make everyone happy.


I was very happy with my agent and R & W Noosa, I found them very professional and they certainly delivered.
Jo Matthews