title: Where To Find Australia’s Best Deals On Houses
description: Australia is one of the best places in the world to live, though if you are looking to buy a house, it can be really difficult finding the areas that offer the best value in the current real estate market.
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Where To Find Australia’s Best Deals On Houses

Australia is one of the best places in the world to live, though if you are looking to buy a house, it can be really difficult finding the areas that offer the best value in the current real estate market. Every city has some great suburbs, and finding the best deals is a challenge worth taking. For a great deal on the perfect place to live and overall good value for money, the following parts of Australia are far and away your best bet.


Real Estate on the Sunshine Coast consists of some of the most beautiful options on the east coast, with Noosa real estate being an absolute standout. If you want your place to have enough room to spread out, and to be a home that you are glad to come back to every day, this stunning oasis is just the ticket. Known for it’s environmentally friendly buildings and tight knit community, Noosa has also become famous for having some of the most amazing housing deals in all of Australia. Don’t wait until the whole world knows about it; get your Noosa home today!

The Huon Valley

For a great escape from the city for the newly retired or just for those who sick of life in the city, this magical valley famous for its apples is the place you’ve always dreamed of. Most people who flee mainland Australia end up in Hobart or Launceston and don’t realise there are a multitude of options on this amazingly diverse island. A highlight of the Huon Valley is definitely Cygnet, where you can pick up a beautiful house and land package for a price you won’t have seen houses sold for since the 80′s. Bring a bit of sanity and beauty back into your life and move to the Huon Valley. You’ll forget that you ever lived anywhere else.

St. Kilda

This former working class area of Melbourne has been on the radar of savy house hunters for a decade now, though amazingly you can still get some great deals. Since St. Kilda transformed into a trendy metropolis, this area has become known as one of the most hip locales in the city and the place to go for food, fashion and fun. Dig around this area a little and you will find some absolutely incredible bargains.


With real estate in Sydney and Melbourne almost totally out of reach of the average home buyer, Adelaide has become a great option for those who don’t have endless amounts of money to spend. This great city of churches has become quite a stylish and vibrant place to be, so you might want to act fast before house prices here start matching those of Sydney and Melbourne.


Finding an affordable house in Sydney these days gets harder every year, though one little haven is still offering some great deals: Oatley. Located about 30 minutes drive south of the CBD, Oatley is a charming and beautiful little community and has a variety of great housing deals available. If you have a family and don’t want to live hours from the city centre, Oatley has some of the best deals in the country.


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