Great Places to Film a Classic Movie Scene
title: Great Places to Film a Classic Movie Scene
description: If you have decided you want to finally make that script of yours into a movie, you are probably going to want to film it somewhere amazing.

Great Places to Film a Classic Movie Scene

If you have decided you want to finally make that script of yours into a movie, you are probably going to want to film it somewhere amazing. Unless you are a big time producer, chances are you may not be able to make very many movies in your life time, so why not film it somewhere special? Australia is full of beautiful and interesting places, making it hard to choose just one, though if you are stuck for a location to film that defining scene, one of the following places is sure to fit the bill.

The Sunshine Coast

This part of Australia is home to both incredibly beautiful landscape as well as unique real estate. The Sunshine Coast also has an amazing network of National parks, so if you are looking for something really special you are bound to find it here. Noosa real estate is also known for its architectural brilliance and innovative style, so you will have some unique settings to shoot that epic scene.

Alleys of Melbourne 

Every great movie has to have some good alley action, so if you want to get a few shots in some crazy alleys, get your film crew to downtown Melbourne. This labyrinth-like network of narrow back streets is home to some of the world’s best graffiti art and will be the perfect place to film an epic chase, underworld shootout or a romantic liaison. Get to Melbourne and check out the alleys; you may find your self wanting to write an alley scene into your script.

The Flinders Ranges

The amazing colours and wildlife of this region make it a must for any movie that has a natural or outdoor element to it. The brilliant red of the rock and sand, along with the ancient animals and amazing plants, will be the perfect spot to film that scene of spiritual awakening. This land is home to some of the most important of Aboriginal dreaming stories, making it a powerful place to start with, so be respectful, have a good look around and see where your imagination takes you.

The Tasman Trail

This incredible part of Australia showcases some of the best examples of dramatic beauty that we have. Between the sheer cliffs and massive ocean, this area will give you a feel of the awesome power of nature and is the perfect place to lay down that life changing moment in your script.

The Botanic Gardens in Sydney

This part of Sydney is truly a slice of heaven, with its dazzling colours and endless variety of flowers and plants. It is quite a large area as well so you should have no problem finding your own little corner to film that touching or heart-breaking scene.

The art of film making is one of the more powerful art forms there is, as there is a kind of magic to visually communicating a story or a message. Check out these great locations and see if you can come up with that classic scene that will make your film a masterpiece.


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