15 Oct 2012

Sunshine Beach Real Estate Beachfront Benefit

Ask people all around the world – where they would like to reside if there wouldn’t be a budget restraint; the majority would say: Beachfront! And aren’t we lucky that Noosa can offer two of the best beaches in the world – Sunshine Beach and Hastings Street Main Beach. Absolute beachfront is an extremely rare commodity, and the Sunshine Beach Real Estate Market in particular has been seen as one of the most sought after and most valuable locations on the eastern seaboard.

Visually a smorgasbord of wonderful scenery from any vantage point of a beachfront residence towards the South Pacific Ocean, the golden sand of the beach only meters away, the sun rises and moon rises, whale watching and taking in the undisturbed nature of the Noosa National Park nearby – all this plus the chance of a morning swim or walk on the beach makes this absolute paradise for a privileged few.

We have to thank the local people with vision and foresight for their tireless fight to preserve the area betweenSunshine Beach and Noosa Heads forever, and for being able to have this wonderful reserve retained as the Noosa National Park. Nature walks along and above the beach lead to world famous and cosmopolitan Hastings Street, but not before being invited to a refreshing swim at some of the secluded sandy beaches along the way. Once in Hastings Street, European style coffee shops, fine al fresco restaurants, extravagant boutiques and intimate first class resorts await the sophisticated holiday maker. How convenient to step from beachfront apartments straight onto the sandy beach for a swim or some sun bathing. What better aspect is there than the due northerly from the apartment, beautiful sunshine all day, particularly in these cooler winter months with the extra bonus of being protected from the westerly and southerly winds.  This is the beauty of life on the beachfront!

The Hastings Street Real Estate market has benefitted greatly from these assets, documented by some of the highest prices paid in Australia for apartments along the Hastings Street beachfront. As long as visitors are choosing Noosa as their holiday destination there will be strong demand for properties. And because of the limited supply through strict building guide lines like height restriction, property values will always remain strong.

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