23 Nov 2011

Property Investment Opportunities In Noosa

In uncertain economic times, you may not want to be taking risks on the stock market, instead think about investing in property. In Australia, property investment has always been one of the safest ways of getting a good return for your money, and no part of the country has been as consistently solid as Noosa. Real estate and all types of property have risen in value considerably over the past ten years, with Noosa repeatedly playing host to some of the most desirable real estate on the Sunshine Coast . Check out the following property investment opportunities in Noosa and get your money working harder for you.


Why not make an investment that is also comfortable to live in? If you are in the market for a new home, buying in the Noosa area will mean the value of your home will most likely be going up while you enjoy every minute of it. You won’t be sacrificing a thing and if anything you might be able to justify getting a slightly nicer place. After all, it’s a great investment. You can also look at getting a split level home and renting out half of it, the income from this will be helping cover your mortgage payments and help to pay off the house.


Noosa is absolutely thriving these days and one of the smartest property investments you can go for is to purchase land in the area. As Noosa expands there will be an ever increasing need for land for homes, businesses, shopping centres, golf courses and so on, so get in early while it’s still inexpensive, and buy a parcel now. Buying land can often mean a larger initial investment, though if you can’t quite afford it, consider going in on some land with a group of friends. You just may be helping secure each other’s financial future.

Business Property


A great investment is to get in on one of the many business property developments going on in Noosa. There seems to always be a dozen or so such developments underway here, from large scale to small. These buildings will be housing businesses which generally sign up for long term lease agreements, so you are pretty much guaranteed to be making a good dividend on your investment. Often you will know which businesses will be moving in, giving you more room to decide exactly what to put your money into.

Everyone in Australia has heard about the Sunshine Coast, though for decades now Noosa has been one of the best kept secrets in the country. This seems to be slowly changing as investors are moving away from the glitzy centres like the Gold Coast and realising that Noosa has everything that the Gold Coast has, except with a bit more class and little less stress. Take the time to check out Noosa and you will discover that not only is this a place with countless opportunities for property investment, but also just a great place to be. Don’t miss the boat, and invest in property in Noosa today!

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