15 May 2012

Preparing Your Home for Sale

Unless you’re in a very favourable market, houses generally don’t just sell themselves, so if you’re getting ready to put your home on the market and expect it to actually sell, it had better be a pretty nice place. Homebuyers have a lot of choice these days, so if you want people to even consider buying your place; you’re going to need to present a quality option. To have your home looking its best when it hits the market, the following tips are sure to help.

Paint it

The best way to freshen up your house and have it looking fantastic and ready to sell is to have it painted, and painted properly. Unless you’re a painter, leave it to the experts, as there is a big difference between an amazing paint job and a horrible one. With fresh paint your house will be looking brand new again, and is sure to draw in those potential buyers.


Do a good walk through at your place and make a list of anything that needs fixing. Whether it be carpet to be replaced, removing loose nails, or adjusting a latch, having all of these little things fixed will make your home way more attractive. People want to buy a home that is perfect, and if they can’t find any way to fault it, they may just buy your place.

Air it out

Especially if you’ve had it painted, it’s a good idea to air out your place properly so that you don’t have any offensive odours ruining your chances of a sale. If you have security screens, leave your windows open for as much of the day as possible in the few weeks leading up to putting your house on the market, and if possible, stay somewhere else for a few days or a week before the big day. It’s okay if your home smells like food, but you don’t really want it to smell too much like people.


Having a nice yard can be the clincher when trying to sell your home, so if you have any extra time or money, spruce yours up a bit. Even just tidying up and doing a little weeding can help, though the more effort you put in, the more desirable a place yours will be on the market. Putting a little extra time into the landscape can mean your home sells way faster and for much more.


You’ll get more money for your home and sell it quicker if it has more features, so if you want to give your place a little boost before you try to sell it, add something nice. A quality security system is a smart way to add a significant amount of value to a home, as is a remote control garage door. The good thing about any upgrades you do now is that you can essentially just add the cost to the price you’re asking for your home, as anything you get will obviously be in great condition having only just been installed.

Whether you’re trying to sell property on the Sunshine Coast or Rainbow Beach real estate, having your place look amazing will mean it sells more quickly and for more.

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