30 Jun 2013

Great Business Ventures on the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is way more than just a pretty place, it also represents one of the hottest investment opportunities in Australia, with a huge variety of business ventures that can help you make quite a bit of money. The following are just some of the opportunities worth thinking about on the Sunshine Coast.

Bed and breakfasts

As an area that is just starting to boom, the Sunshine Coast can definitely handle a few more decent accommodation options. This area is full of gorgeous places, and a clean, well-run B&B on a pretty piece of Sunshine Coast real estate, away from the crowds, is something a lot of people are more than willing to pay a bit of money for. If you are the friendly, hospitable type and like meeting new people, you might be able to make a pretty good living with your own Sunshine Coast B&B.


If you have a lot of local knowledge or a particular skill such as surfing or kayaking, the Sunshine Coast is attracting more tourists each and every year, and people are looking for ways to spend their money. Offering sunset kayak tours or bush walks through the local National Parks can help make someone’s holiday special, and help you make a bit of money at the same time.


Low-cost accommodation options are always going to be popular, especially in the summer when the Sunshine Coast is absolutely swarming with people, so consider setting up a hostel to help fill the accommodation void — even if you only run it during the height of the summer. It is easy to get people to work at the hostel in exchange for free accommodation, and if your place is affordable, clean and safe, you won’t have any trouble getting word around.

Investment property

Buying real estate on the Sunshine Coast is one of the smartest financial moves you could make at the moment, as prices are still regarded as very undervalued — though they are starting to rise as more people discover this amazing spot. It will be easy to find people willing to rent out any house or apartment you invest in, and you can arrange to have use of it each year for your family holidays, helping to save you a small fortune. Should you want to escape the city when you finally retire, your investment property on the Sunshine Coast will provide the perfect place to retire to and get used to life without having to go to work.


As places like Noosa, Coolum and Caloundra expand and grow, there is an increasing need for retail enterprises to service these centres. Whether you want to start a grocery store or a clothing store, the booming towns of the Sunshine Coast offer some incredible opportunities. Without having to pay the high rents of places like Brisbane or Sydney, your retail business will finally have a decent chance at succeeding, so rather than keep struggling somewhere else, make a move that will do wonders for both you and your business.

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