09 Nov 2011

5 Things To Consider Before Your ‘Sea Change’

If you have reached that stage of life when it’s time for a change in direction, you have some big thinking to do. Making a ‘sea change’ is an exciting move to make, though you are going to want to be sure that you like the new way that things will be. Selling up in the city and moving somewhere by the ocean is the dream of every Australian, though depending on what you are looking for, your new place can be either perfect or the not exactly what you imagined. Consider the following five things before making your big move.

Can You Afford It?

We all want to move to that palace by the beach, though some areas are ridiculously expensive. For a reasonably inexpensive piece of paradise, you should check out the Sunshine Coast. Making sure you move to a place where you can afford to live somewhere nice, will take some serious financial planning and also some looking into the available real estate. Sunshine coast homes come in a huge variety, so don’t worry, there will definitely be something special to suit your budget here. For some truly incredible deals, check out noosa real estate options.

How Big?

There are a lot of advantages to having a small place; it’s cheaper to buy, less to clean, you will save money on heating or cooling and also you probably just don’t need a big place. Keep in mind, however, where you will be able to fit in visiting friends or grandkids if they decide to come and visit you. Quite often just having one extra room will be more than enough.

What Will You Do?

A common issue for people moving their lives, especially if it’s to retire, is finding enough to keep them entertained in their new location. If you are still going to need to be working, obviously make sure there is suitable work available close by. If you are done with work, check that there are a variety of activities available and also easy access to attractions nearby. For the sporty types, make sure there are local clubs, courts or courses handy, where you can be improving your game and making friends now that you have time.

Think About Your Health

Especially if you are getting a little older, it may not be the best move to relocate somewhere that is totally isolated. You should make sure that there are some health facilities locally based and also that if something bigger were to go wrong that you will be able to get to a hospital with more comprehensive services. Even if you are not a mature aged person, it is great to be located in an area with significant health infrastrucure.




While Australia is famous for its amazing weather, each part of the country experiences its seasons quite differently. If you are planning on living year round in your new place, it’s probably a good idea to know what living there in the winter is going to be like. It can be a good idea to do a trip to the area you are considering some time during the winter and see what it’s like. Talking to the locals is also always a great idea to find out what their experience living there has been like.



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