15 Dec 2011

5 Great Places to Move For a More Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle

To live in a more environmentally sustainable way is something that we as a global community should all strive for. To make big lifestyle changes such as this we need to work together, starting at the community level instead of trying to branch out on our own amidst people who are content with the business-as-usual mentality. If you have made the choice to try to change your lifestyle for the benefit of the environment, there are many other communities in Australia that have made a really good start already. If you want to consider moving to a more environmentally friendly community, have a look at some of these trail-blazing towns.


Noosa, Queensland


Over the last few decades, the residents of Noosa and surrounding areas have been working hard to protect the natural beauty of the area from becoming overpopulated and congested. Rejecting the trappings of the urban lifestyle, Noosa residents have strived to maintain the “village feel” and to, whenever possible, integrate the community with the environment. Now is a great time to join a community as Noosa real estate, as well as other real estate on the Sunshine Coast, is expected to increase in value in the future (once the very few parcels of land left are developed).

Lithgow, New South Wales


As the most recent recipient of the Australian Tidy Towns Award, Lithgow has been a champion of water conservation as well as the monitoring and improvement of the local environment. This is a community that really knows how to work together to innovate ideas and implement plans to preserve the environment. Living in a community like this will help you feel like you’re really making a difference.


Waikerie, South Australia


This small, vibrant community is not only famous for being the “orange capital of Australia”, but also for its commitment to energy sustainability. The town members have worked hard over the years to take proactive measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as to promote renewable energy resources. To make this lifestyle change stick, schools in Waikerie have implemented education programs for children that bring awareness to climate change and encourage children to take energy issues seriously.


Swansea, Tasmania


The town of Swansea is an idyllic little town located on the Great Oyster Bay in Tasmania and is a strong advocate for weed control, native planting initiatives, water conservation and has impressive recycling programs. Maintaining their proud heritage is also a major priority for the residents of Swansea, and they take a great amount of pride in their town and their sustainability efforts. The community members are champions when it comes to collaborating with groups such as Tidy Towns and Natural Resource Management and educating their youth on topics of environmental sustainability.


Westonia, Western Australia


Recently, this small “wheat belt” town was put on the map by its dedication to transforming the town into a “fantastic place and a must-visit location”. In the last few years, this community has been working hard to improve on its community action, general appearance, commitment to waste water management and conservation, natural heritage conservation, and devotion to its strong cultural identity. If you are looking to make a big change to a fantastic progressive community, this is a great option for you.

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