06 Nov 2011

3 Ways to Spend More Time on the Beach This Summer

Australia is the best country in the world if you like beaches with literally thousands to choose from. Even so, it always seems that everyday life prevents us spending as much time on the beach as we’d like to. Make sure you don’t miss out on one of the main benefits of living in Australia; the following 3 tips will help make sure that you spend far more time at the beach this summer.


Living closer to the beach is a sure fire way to make sure you are spending more time in the sand. If you have been thinking about moving anyway, maybe it’s time you took a second look at real estate on the Sunshine Coast. You will be saving petrol, spending less time baking in your overheated car and more time cooling off in the ocean. Noosa real estate currently offers some of the best value for money beachfront property in Australia; check it out as you may be surprised how affordable it is.

Change Jobs

We spend the majority of our lives at work, so the best way to spend more time at the beach is to get a job that has you working there. A great job that will have you on the beach and helping people is to become a surf lifesaver. This most iconic Australian job may not pay the bills but will have you connecting with the beach in a way you never thought possible. You could also set up your beachfront home as a Bed & Breakfast; this will make sure your bills are being paid without you having to leave the sea side.

Change How You Exercise

Rather than spending your time in the gym or on a treadmill at home, get fit the natural way and take your work-out to the beach. You can still do all your regular push ups and sit ups, and you can also add some good old-fashioned swimming and running. For something different, take up surfing or kayaking and you will be looking great and loving spending way more time at the beach.

Take Up Photography

If you still can’t quite get enough of the beach, take up photography and spend countless hours snapping birds, surfers or even just the ocean. Sunrise or sunset at the beach is always spectacular and no two are the same, so you will find yourself loving the beach even more and appreciating all the tiny details of this amazing natural landscape.




There is nothing stopping you spending more time at the beach, you just need to shift more of your daily activities ocean side. Whether it’s your reading time, exercise time or where you go on a date, if you try you’ll find it’s easy to come up with an excuse to go to the beach. There is something truly magical about being near the ocean, so you will be well rewarded for your efforts to live more of your life on the beach.

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