The $6Billion Dollar Man
title: The $6Billion Dollar Man
description: Peter Baldwin is in his 15th year of calling Richardson & Wrench Noosa’s Auctions and has a record and reputation that stands alone as the most outstanding in the industry.

The $6Billion Dollar Man

Peter Baldwin is in his 15th year of calling Richardson & Wrench Noosa’s Auctions and has a record and reputation that stands alone as the most outstanding in the industry.

Peter, who was brought up in the honored family profession of Auctioneers, began calling auctions at the tender age of 18 and now has surpassed the unequalled milestone of calling 25,000 auctions.

His unmatched professionalism and work ethic sees him personally calling 1500 auctions every single year and he is the first person to reach the unbelievable achievement of completing $6Billion in auction sales. This record is unlikely to be surpassed anytime soon and is a testimony to Peter’s outstanding and award winning skills. He holds records in 30 Sydney suburbs and Australia’s record for the highest price achieved per square metre at $50,000 resulting in a $10.25Million sale of a 200m2 apartments.

Peter’s love affair with Noosa began decades ago and has continued as he is intimately involved and familiar with Noosa real estate, attending and calling Noosa auctions numerous times a year, reinforcing his wonderful association with R&W Noosa and his partnership with our sellers.

Peter has long been awe inspired by Noosa Architectural innovation and flair believing that an outstanding collaboration exists between vendors and architects that exhibits that there are no boundaries to the skills employed in what is without question Australia’s paradise.

We are privileged and honored to have Peter Baldwin call our ‘Spring Auction’ Showcase this October 2nd at the Sheraton Noosa. Peter says “This is a marvellous collection of properties selected for various tares of the market place. From the first time Noosa investor to the highest net worth individuals – this event is a testament to the ever motivated team at R&W Noosa who have sort to gain the economies of scale by having 20 individually brilliant properties under the one roof!!


We are really pleased to have listed and sold our property with Gillian and the team at R&W Noosa. The current market is full of contradictory news and views, Gillian navigated them very well. She was able to focus on the key issues that were going to attract buyers to our property. This is really helpful for both vendors and buyers alike. We live overseas, so trust was crucial. She kept us informed of the progress throughout the period of the marketing campaign but didn’t bombard us with trivial issues. When auction day arrived, we had a clear understanding of where the market was. Gillian had attracted a number of registered bidders that exceeded our expectations and ultimately led to our successful auction outcome. If you are after honesty, integrity and results, then Gillian is the agent for you. Whilst tireless in her efforts, she also knows how to leverage the experience from her colleagues at R&W Noosa.
Pete and Amanda Morris