Noosa Real Estate Market Report – March 2013
title: Noosa Real Estate Market Report – March 2013
description: The Noosa market benefited from a strong start to the first quarter of the year.

Noosa Real Estate Market Report – March 2013

The Noosa market benefited from a strong start to the first quarter of the year. January produced some of the best weather we had experienced for years and Hastings Street was filled with happy smiles from visitors enjoying a family holiday on main beach. Some days it looked as crowded as Bondi Beach!


Many love affairs with Noosa were once again rekindled in January and our Summer Collection Auction campaign held on 11th January was a roaring success. Many properties had multiple bidders and over the reserve sales were a reflection of competition and sellers with realistic expectations. While we sold half of the 15 properties on the night or just after, we identified and engaged with a number of serious buyers who later negotiated a successful result. Only a few of the properties now remain unsold.


February has been an enlightening month here at R&W with a sale occurring almost every day – even with the rain pelting down. This was indeed the result of sales momentum and a direct flow on from the activity that R&W generated from our Summer Collection auction campaign. We are still dealing with many buyers who have not yet found their ideal purchase, so we would like to talk to all sellers in the market to see if we can match your property with one of these left over buyers.


Easter is fast approaching and here is a list of what we have on offer for our April 5th Auction at the Sheraton Noosa! Don’t miss out as stock is moving and interest rates are looking decidedly low!

Market hints – stock levels are declining and we will soon see a market in transition where sellers in well positioned properties will have a stronger position. So buyers should move forward when they find the right property.


Frank Milat - always upbeat and easy to deal with. As 20 year owners in Hastings St, we knew of R&W reputation as being good. This is the second property that Frank Milat has sold for us in Noosa. He has worked hard to achieve a good and fair result on each occasion and has been a pleasure to deal with both times.
Virgil Pierini