13 Nov 2011

What To Look For In Beach Front Property

We’ve all had that dream of owning a beachfront property, so why not live the dream and actually do it. Australia definitely has no shortage of beachfront, so why not pick a spot and claim your own little piece of paradise. Before you make a decision on a place and fork over your hard earned savings, there are a few things you should think about. The following factors are important if you want your beachfront property to be everything you hoped for.


You are going to want a place that has an awesome view, so have a good look around before making your decision. Some places advertise great views but aren’t what you hoped for, while others can be a very pleasant surprise indeed. Make sure that while you have a good view of the beach, that the beach doesn’t necessarily have a good view of you; a slightly elevated property can help with ensuring a little more privacy. Be patient and keep an open mind when you are looking into getting your own bit of prime real estate. Sunshine coast properties offer a large variety of views, and in this entire area, the best deals will often be found among Noosa real estate properties.

Beach Access

You are going to want to not just look at the beach but also spend a lot of time on it, so having an easy access point is important. You also might want to consider how easily others can access this strip of beach, as you probably don’t want to be living next to the busiest part of the beach.


You are not the only one who wants to be near the beach, as thousands of Australians will flock to any beach they can as soon as the weather gets warm. While it’s great to see a crowd enjoying themselves at the beach, it can often mean a real nightmare finding somewhere to park. Make sure your beach front property provides you with a guaranteed off-street parking like almost every property on the Sunshine Coast. There is nothing more frustrating than having to park hundreds of metres away from your own house.


There is only one down side to having a beachfront property and that is keeping it secure. Unless you have a very elevated property, you are going to want to think about ways to secure access from the beach side. You probably don’t have anything to worry about, though you may want to make sure you have security doors and windows installed just to be sure. Better safe than sorry.

The Sun

Think about what window coverings you will require to let in the light and not too much heat in the early part of the day. Modern semi-transparent roller blinds are a great choice for UV and heat protection whilst still allowing you to see the beautiful view. Where the sun will be will also greatly affect your options for plants, so especially if you are a gardening type, this can be an important factor.

Living in a beachfront property can be the best time of your life, so take your time and pick the right spot, you may never want to move again!

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