02 Nov 2011

Things to Do When You Are Having a Mid-Life Crisis

So you are having a mid-life crisis, welcome to a very big club. Don’t worry, it’s a very common experience and won’t last forever, so for now the best thing you can do is try and make it easier on yourself. The following ideas will help make your mid-life crisis easier on you and everyone around you.

Go Somewhere Nice


A change of scenery will do you the world of good, and get your mind off all of the stresses that are triggering your crisis. Real estate on the Sunshine Coast offers a sea change lifestyle where you can get away from busy city life and enjoy being somewhere different. A lot of mid-life crises involve low self-esteem, so relax a bit, do some fishing, play some golf and be good to yourself. Talk to a Noosa real estate agent and find out about your options for a lifestyle change.

Learn Something

Sometimes mid-life crises are due to the feeling that your life is half over and that you don’t measure up to your peers. There is no better way to feel better about yourself than by learning something new, so take a night course, learn self-defence or even take some cooking classes. Just do something to add to your skill set and give yourself a new skill to feel proud of.

See Something

Another common cause of feeling bad about reaching middle age is the idea that you haven’t seen much despite being alive for what suddenly seems like a long time. There is an easy fix, go somewhere! Pick a spot that’s been on your list for a long time, take some time off work and see it! It’s always great to get things ticked off your ‘must do before I die’ list, and this is a sure way to help alleviate your crisis.

Do Something

Going somewhere and seeing something is always good, though nothing makes you feel quite as satisfied as accomplishing something big. Lose weight, run a half-marathon or even hike Mount Kilimanjaro; your mid-life crisis might be just the trigger you needed to force you into action.

Buy Something

How long has it been since you bought something for yourself just for the sake of it? You have made it to mid-life which is a great achievement, so celebrate by buying yourself something nice. It doesn’t have to be a red sports car, it could be something simple like a day at the spa or a new watch, though regardless, it’s important to be good to yourself!

Having a mid-life crisis can be a very traumatic time of your life so try to keep calm and don’t be too hard on yourself. Chances are you are an amazing, intelligent and beautiful person, and getting through this period can be just a matter of riding it out. Take the opportunity to change some things in your life for the better, and make your mid-life crisis the time in your life when things started to improve.

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