02 Apr 2012

The top end of the property market is getting a wiggle on

Hello and Happy Easter.

We are fortunate to report that the top end of the property market is getting a wiggle on.  At last.   We’ve sold a good number properties recently at prices that show we may be bouncing off the bottom.

Here is sample of a couple we’ve sold.


The lower market has been steadily moving but the volume is now increasing.

Why is the market on the move again?  We are almost past speculating….  but it seems America is looking promising and we are hearing less about Greece.  What we can tell you that when buyers come to us, they are saying: “It is now affordable” or “The prices have dropped” but consistently we hear from buyers that “It’s a good time to buy”.

Whatever the reason, Noosa remains Noosa and it is just one of the most special places in Australia with lovely beaches, beautiful national park, great restaurants and a relaxed, easy way of life.  Our geography prevents us from increasing our offerings.  We cannot develop north into the sea, west into the river and east into the national park.  Three storeys above contour of land is our height limit and there’s no more land being made.  This small market is an attractive one.

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