title: Savvy Buyers Are Pouncing
description: Unparalleled opportunities in Noosa, due to market forces that have brought some significant corrections to the Noosa marketplace, have emerged.
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Savvy Buyers Are Pouncing

Unparalleled opportunities in Noosa, due to market forces that have brought some significant corrections to the Noosa marketplace, have emerged. This, combined with the fabulous warm weather, has unleashed a number of savvy buyers who have recently pounced on Noosa real estate. In fact in the last few weeks alone R&W Noosa has transacted over 21 million dollars in sales and the enquiry rate from people wanting to invest in Noosa has spiked significantly.

It’s worth noting that a large percentage of those leading this assault are seasoned professionals and veterans in property, who have not earned their wealth by chance.  These individuals have secured their buying power by well considered strategies and astute decisions; frequently demonstrating an uncanny ability with regards to market entry timing. R&W Noosa, the leading real estate agency in Noosa has been dealing with the highest net worth professionals for several decades and has established an unrivalled relationship with many captains of industry and those in powerful decision making capacities.  We have observed over the years, that these powerhouses have entered the Noosa marketplace (not just for the unrivalled Noosa lifestyle) with a firm understanding of the wealth creation opportunities that are to be had in this part of the world. Recently the common consensus that is being heralded by these knowledgeable individuals is that “Noosa has never been so affordable” and that to wait any longer could be costly. Many have waited in the wings as it were, watching for the right cue and it seems that cue has now been given. Corrections have taken place in the marketplace but more significantly many individuals have been reminded by volatility in global share markets and by the uncertainty of cash deposits that “bricks and mortar” in the most desirable places really are the safest investments long term with demonstrable growth that out performs all other classes of investment. Savvy buyers are pouncing.   Why not take your cue from those “in the know”.  R&W Noosa would love to assist you with any Noosa-wide real estate enquiry.


Selling our home was an immensely stressful and sad decision. The process was extremely easy with Richardson and Wrench. The sales team liased with us from day 1 with helpful sales tips through to what to expect sales wise. Their knowledge of the Noosa area is invaluable which reflected in our home being sold second day on the market. If we did it all again Richardson and Wrench will be there again.
John and Kristina Golfin