08 Feb 2011

Noosa Dodges Multiple Bullets

Anyone overseas looking at recent events in Queensland could be forgiven for thinking that we have been experiencing some form of apocalyptic judgement. Certainly for many it has been a devastating summer and for a number of people absolutely tragic and heart breaking. We have witnessed catastrophic flooding that has left dozens of people homeless and countless people impacted in some way. As if to add insult to injury Northern Queensland then experienced the fury of Cyclone Yasi, again impacting the lives of many thousands of people.

Some great stories have come from these events, stories of courage and selfless acts of compassion and stories of armies of volunteers prepared to roll up their sleeves for their neighbours. These stories make us proud to be Australian and give us hope for a society that ultimately wants to do good. When the metal of character is tested and a multitude of heroes rise, we can take heart and know that we live in this great southland!

Noosa got rained on like never before and sure it was one of the most unpleasant Christmas seasons due to the “very big wet”, but somehow and thankfully we came out relatively unscathed. Mostly what we had to show for it was a few leaks and a lot of potholes in the road.  And as suddenly as the rains came so did the sunshine. Spontaneously the streets have burst again with life, cafes and restaurants are brimming, the beaches have been packed and a whole new sense of optimism and appreciation for this paradise called Noosa is being experienced.

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