31 May 2013

How Affordable Is The Noosa Beachfront Today

What sets us apart here in Noosa from the rest of Australia is the very carefully selected section of our pristine beachfront allowed for residential development. We have to thank these forward thinking and passionate people of Noosa way back in the 60’s and 70’s that we are so fortunate today to have high limits in place and only low impact structures and visually aesthetic and low density boutique resorts erected on the beachfront in Hastings Street. Imagine being confronted with high rises and massive hotel developments like on the Gold Coast or the Southern part of the Sunshine Coast. The Noosa Real Estate and the Sunshine Beach Real Estate market would hardly be the same, as it is now.

For most of us, buying beachfront was and still is an illusion, because of the limited availability prices were rising quite dramatically. Only a few very privileged were able to afford to acquire property on the beachfront in Sunshine Beach or Hastings Street. That has changed slightly over the last few years since the GFC hit. No point in denying the fact that the beachfront here in Noosa has suffered, thus enabling some new buyers to enter the market on a lower budget than previously. What a great opportunity – but only if decisions are not delayed!

We have noticed increased activities in particular on the Hastings Street beachfront with the majority of inquiries coming from Melbourne and Sydney, and with the introduction of a third airline flying into the Sunshine Coast, more guests and therefore more potential buyers are arriving. Investment properties are as low as they have been 5 – 7 years ago. But of course they won’t stay that low forever.

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