17 Feb 2011

Hastings Street Noosa; The Hub Of Paradise.

Travel anywhere in the world and you will soon discover the main Street or precinct of that town or city. It is typically the focal point for social activities, meeting people, shopping and enjoying a concentrated sampling of what that town or city has to offer.

Well Hastings Street is Noosa’s main boulevard and social hotspot and offers all this and much more. Hastings Street provides an experience that has made it famous all over Australia, offering something very unique for locals and tourists alike-in fact I like to think of it as the Hub of paradise.

Not only does Hastings Street provide the total boutique shopping experience enhanced by the flavours of some of Australia’s best dining options, the best people watching cafes, water front bars and galleries and all within an easy level stroll. But there is something magical about the buzz and variety created by people from all over the world in perpetual holiday mode strolling up and down this glamorous strip.

Sandwiched between one of Australia’s most celebrated pristine north facing beaches and the picturesque Noosa River, with its sunset cruises and romantic gondola rides , Hastings Street has an energy of its own, you can’t help but feel you are on holiday-even if you live and work here. Then, add the fact that Noosa enjoys one of the most perfect year round climates-one that sees the average winter temperature at around 18-22 degrees and in summer at 28-30 degrees, it is not hard to see why people love Hastings Street, Noosa.

But it’s even better than that –frequently those strolling on Hastings Street, who are looking for a shopping reprieve or a complete natural “spa treatment”, walk the few metres to the adjacent, white sandy Noosa Main beach, where you are welcomed in for a refreshing dip in spectacular Laguna bay, whose waters by the way are frequently up around 26 degrees, perfect to revive those achy limbs and to re-energize yourself for further Hastings Street exploration, wining and dining or general indulgence. This sheltered and picturesque bay forms a crescent surrounded by Noosa’s National parks, (with idyllic walks), and offers even the most stressed visitor the perfect calming tonic.

If you have not visited Noosa or our famous Hastings Street, I recommend you do so soon; you are definitely in for a treat.

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