26 Sep 2011

Auction Season Brings Out The Buyers

Every year we see a massive influx of people into Noosa during the summer, Easter and spring holiday periods and this year has been no exception-in fact the continued warm, idyllic weather that Noosa has experienced over the last few months has brought even more sun loving tourists than expected. The lure of perfect weather, perfect beaches and the relaxing Noosa lifestyle ultimately is too hard to resist. 

To coincide with the swelling population at these times, R&W Noosa conduct major auction campaigns, presenting some of the best property that Noosa has to offer; we present these properties under one roof –the Sheraton Noosa for the convenience of all potential buyers. This spring has an extraordinary bounce in its step as more sellers have emerged eager to allow the market to determine its price; this eagerness has come as a result of lower demand over the last twelve months, which in turn has increased seller motivation and of course with that increased motivation, greater than ever buying opportunities! Interestingly enough however, are also the obvious signs of increased buyer activity. While it may be true that a number of investors have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for an opportune time to buy and for some the specter of global financial instability is still a concern, it would now seem that people are tired of waiting; they are not willing to miss out on what could be the best opportunities seen here in many years.  But even if investment upside is not altogether clear in the current global economy, there is one thing that is undeniable and that is the unrivalled lifestyle that Noosa offers; sitting on the sidelines means less time enjoying it!

This spring R&W Noosa have 26 fantastic properties going under the hammer-the determination of each and every seller to sell is unquestioned-they have invested heavily in a campaign to expose their properties to this market and with that, are demonstrating that they are prepared to let the price be determined by the market!

R&W Noosa invites you to our Auction Showcase Friday 7th October from 4pm.

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