20 Dec 2011

4 Reasons Living In Noosa Is Good For Your Health

Where you live is sure to have a big impact on your health, with some places being far healthier options than others. Regardless of whether you are in good health or not, it’s worth thinking about the environment that you live in and how it impacts of your overall well being. One of the healthiest places to live in Australia is Noosa and the following are four reasons why.

The Air

Setting yourself up with a nice piece of Noosa real estate will have you living in some of the cleanest air in the country. There is far less pollution here than you will find in any of the larger centres, and as with most real estate on the Sunshine Coast, it’s easy to set yourself up right by the beach and be breathing in that great ocean air. Especially if you have any existing issues with your breathing, making the move to Noosa will be the best thing you can do for your health.

It’s Beautiful

Nothing is better for your mental health than a big dose of natural beauty, and no place has more of it than Noosa. Being surrounded by nature rather than concrete will make it easier for you to relax and you will find yourself feeling less stressed in a matter of days. If life in the city is making you sad or angry, do something to preserve your sanity and move to a place that is blessed with natural beauty.

It’s Easy to Exercise





Rather than spend your weekly exercise time on boring gym equipment, Noosa will have you out and about getting fit the all natural way. Whether you opt for running along the beach, hiking the trails, surfing, kayaking or swimming, there are endless ways here to make getting fit more fun. Choosing an exercise that gets you into the water will also be great for your skin as salt water has an amazing ability to leave your skin looking younger and healthier. If you absolutely need to spend at least some time at the gym, you can do that too as Noosa has its own fully equipped fitness complexes.


Another huge mental health benefit is the sense of community that you will get from living in Noosa. Being isolated and living in a big city can leave people feeling depressed and alone. In Noosa you will be able to rediscover your love of people by living in this friendly beachside oasis. Nothing makes you feel better than knowing you are valued and are part of something greater, and living in an area where people know their neighbours and look out for each other will give you a new lease on life.

Living in Noosa will have you feeling healthier, happier and much better about your life. The lifestyle here feels more natural and you will find yourself wanting to do more for your health. Be good to your self, think about your health, and make the move to Noosa. You only live once, why wait another day?


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