Market Report - July 2013
title: Market Report - July 2013
description: It has been difficult to report on Noosa from afar, while enjoying a little break overseas.

Market Report - July 2013

It has been difficult to report on Noosa from afar, while enjoying a little break overseas.   Not that there wasn’t any news, but the headspace was compromised!  We find it is always interesting to get the feel of the world first hand.  Both east and west coast of America are powering.   People are confident, there’s a spring in their step.  Newspaper articles talk about buying groups gathering properties and buying in bulk.  Property prices are increasing between 10-15% in the USA.   It is very different from last time we were in the States.  And although there’s a lag – it transfers to Australia often before we know it.

Our R&W Sydney offices are reporting really the same as we are.   Stock levels are lower than normal.  We are hoping for a flurry of new listings coming on now before the next holidays in September.  Although the election campaign is looming, we are finding people buying and selling regardless of who they think will win with the attitude that the government can’t get any worse, in fact there’s only one way and it is up!

The locals are seeing more SOLD stickers and the market at entry level is very strong, whereas anything over $2mill has to be priced reasonably or it can sit for 6 months.  A classic quote from Tom Panos, a real estate trainer, sums it up. “When pricing your home you should use comparables of homes that have sold rather than ones still on the market. Homes that are priced high help sell homes that are priced right”.

Wasn’t it a great result on Wednesday night?   Up the Mighty Maroons.    (Sorry for all the Blues supporters!)

The sales team made some great sales while we were away.   17 Fairshore and 3 Rivershores was sold by Frank Milat and Shane McCauley.   Graham Smith takes the honors for 37 Venning Road and 8 Como.   Jason Rowed sold 30 Sleepy Hollow Drive.  There were many other sales which is nice to see in June, usually a quiet winter month in Noosa.


It was with great pleasure that the principals of R&W Noosa, Peter Butt and Jennifer Carr, together with the Executive Director of R&W Group Andrew Cocks recognised the most successful R&W Noosa salesperson by value this week at a team function.    Shane McCauley has come a long way in a relatively short period of time.  He commenced his real estate career in the property management section of our office back in 2002 and it gave him an excellent grounding in overcoming building difficulties, presentation of homes, liaison with guests and owners.  When the time came to hop into sales – he was a natural.    Charming, diligent, intelligent with a natural grace and energy to burn – buyers want to buy from Shane and sellers are always impressed by his consistent feedback and his excellent negotiation skills.  Of course his photographic memory doesn’t hurt him either!  Congratulations and really well done Shane.

Frank Milat sold the highest number of properties.  This was no mean feat in a team that had an excellent year of sales.  In fact the number of sales increased by 26% from 2012.   He was congratulated by Peter, Jennifer and Andrew – as well as the whole R&W Noosa team.  Frank commenced with R&W Noosa 13 years ago.    He has an even and lovely temperament and holds a wealth of knowledge and is relaxed in his dealings.   He gains both buyer and seller confidence quickly and why not?  He understands Noosa inside and out and is just delightful in his manner – people love him.   Everyone in the office does too.   Well done Frankie!

Both men have a natural positive energy and are a formidable team.



Frank Milat - always upbeat and easy to deal with. As 20 year owners in Hastings St, we knew of R&W reputation as being good. This is the second property that Frank Milat has sold for us in Noosa. He has worked hard to achieve a good and fair result on each occasion and has been a pleasure to deal with both times.
Virgil Pierini