From World Champion To Real Estate Champion
title: From World Champion To Real Estate Champion
description: When Carly Cottam was a youngster she was no different to any other Australian kid, she was shy, retiring and still trying to find her place in the world.

From World Champion To Real Estate Champion

When Carly Cottam was a youngster she was no different to any other Australian kid, she was shy, retiring and still trying to find her place in the world.

Brought up in Launceston, Tasmania with three other siblings, she described herself then, as a non-sporting, asthmatic child of small stature.  In fact one of the few sporting activities that Carly tried at school was rowing, perhaps it was the uniqueness of the sport or the fact that she felt it was something she could try without letting other team members down that interested her.  But before too long her school sports coach, a volunteer, told her that she was too small to row.

Well something rose up inside of Carly that seems to have fashioned a template for the rest of her life. At that moment she determined in herself that she would not let the naysayers around her hold her back.  She would prove that despite circumstances and opposition, albeit well meaning opposition, she would be an achiever to confound the onlookers.

With this new found resolve, Carly decided if she couldn't row for her school, she would join a rowing club and soon found herself developing a desire for making the Australian team.  A high goal indeed for someone who at 16, was pretty late out of the blocks.  But Carly’s determination had been forged and before long she was getting up at 4.30 am everyday to put in a couple of hours of training before school.

For Carly the goal was clear-she decided that she didn't just want to compete at the sport, she wanted to master it and climb as high as one could climb.
Ironically her club coach, in what must have seemed like her past haunting her, further fuelled her determination by telling Carly “Don’t get your hopes up – you’re not going to make an Australian team”. Well, whether Carly’s coach was a master at reverse psychology or had made a monumental underestimation of his very focused student, it only served to strengthen Carly’s resolve.

The Australian trials were only two short months away when her coach delivered what would have been a death blow to most others and one can imagine, the discouragement that would spell the end of some sporting careers.

Against all odds however, Carly was not only successful at the Australian trials that picked her for the forthcoming Rowing World Championships in Germany, but four months later as she lined up against the world’s best under 23 rowers at those Championships at the final of the Singles Skulls,  Carly knew this was the moment she had been training for. This was the opportunity to prove words can hurt but they can’t kill a dream.
In 2008 at Brandenburg , Germany, Carly Cottam became World Champion.

We at Richardson & Wrench Noosa are very proud to have Carly Cottam on our team and we know that she will serve our clients with that same level of determination and focus and we believe this will make her a real estate champion.


Frank Milat - always upbeat and easy to deal with. As 20 year owners in Hastings St, we knew of R&W reputation as being good. This is the second property that Frank Milat has sold for us in Noosa. He has worked hard to achieve a good and fair result on each occasion and has been a pleasure to deal with both times.
Virgil Pierini