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Peter Baldwin

Agent / Auctioneer

Put simply, Peter Baldwin, Richardson & Wrench's Chief Auctioneer is widely recognised as being Australia's premier property Auctioneer. He is clearly one of the most gifted auctioneers the industry has seen and is acknowledged as having the most intelligent, articulate and purposeful auction delivery of any auctioneer in his field. He is the youngest Auctioneer of all time to auction Sydney Real Estate and when he was appointed Chief Auctioneer for Richardson & Wrench, at the age of 24, Peter set another record as the youngest ever Chief Auctioneer in the Sydney property market.

As a third generation property practitioner, Peter has a sound rural pedigree in the Auctioneering field. His grandfather, Mark, was known for his ethics, forthrightness and sincerity in dealing with clients. His father, Brian is doubtless one of the finest Auctioneers ever to swing the gavel and his inimitable style is revered throughout NSW.

Peter commands impeccable formal credentials in the discipline of Real Estate. He holds a Bachelor of Business in Land Economy, majoring in valuation, and is accredited Licensed Auctioneer, Real Estate Agent, Stock and Station Agent and Registered Valuer. As part of Richardson & Wrench's service to its vendors, Peter visits every property to be auctioned. He remains in close contact with the sales consultant in charge of the property and establishes with him or her how the auction should be run to achieve the best results.

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